Anxious, Depressed, Overweight? It Might Be Adrenal Fatigue

Do you suffer from adrenal fatigue?

Anxious, Depressed, Overweight? It Might Be Adrenal Fatigue

4 years ago I was depressed, anxious, extremely exhausted but couldn’t sleep, gaining weight rapidly, and basically felt like I wasn’t in control of my emotions. I just didn’t feel like me. I found myself faced with a choice. I could either start taking an SSRI (and deal with all of the side effects), or I could find out what was really wrong. 
I’d never been one to take conventional medicine, and I didn’t just want to treat the symptoms. With two young kids and a marriage to cultivate, I knew that I had to get to the root of the problem.
the adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and regulate hormonesTo make a very long story short, I found out through testing and a wonderful Naturopath, that I was in stage 2 adrenal failure. My cortisol levels were backwards (meaning I was awake when I was supposed to be asleep and vice versa), and my hormones were completely messed up (estrogen levels through the roof- a known precursor to breast cancer). These two little glands, called the adrenal glands, that sit on top of the kidneys, come to find out, are extremely important. Unfortunately, without even knowing it, I had burned mine out, used them up, stomped on them, and left them for dead.
After taking a simple saliva test, my Naturopath recommended supplements and within one month I felt like myself again! My weight started dropping, I was sleeping like a baby, and my mood was stable. You know what the best part for me was though? I could enjoy my kids. I was no longer in flight or fight mode, so I could relax and play with them instead of feeling like a plane was going to fall out of the sky and blow my house up at any moment. 
Are you suffering from Adrenal Fatigue? 
If you are:
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Exhausted but can’t fall asleep, or stay asleep
  • Belly fat that no diet can rid you of
  • Extreme, or unstable mood swings
  • Feel like everything is an emergency
  • Lead a very stressful life, or feel like life is very stressful
  • Digestive Issues
  • Loss of hair
  • See longer list here
….then you may have adrenal fatigue. Guess what? You’re not alone! Even better, you can learn what causes adrenal fatigue, how to fix it, and even have resources to alternative practitioners who can guide you through the process. 
 Glen Depke, Naturopath extraordinaire, has interviewed 13 of the top leading experts in the world on Adrenal Health and put it all together in an easy to consume format that we can download and listen to (over and over again while taking notes) at our convenience! Enter,

The Adrenal Summit 

Some of my favorite speakers from The Adrenal Summit
Dr. Tom O'BryanDr. Tom O’Byran talks to us about how gluten affects the adrenals.


Dr. Peter OsborneDr. Peter Osborne shares how cross reactivity to foods you may not even know you are sensitive to, can be keeping your body inflamed, and stressing your adrenals.


Dr. Jonny BowdenPhD Jonny Bowden talks about how food and exercise can either support, or cause further distress to adrenals.

Dr. Daniel KalishDr. Daniel Kalish has trained thousands of practitioners on how to treat and “reset” the adrenal glands. He explains exactly what the adrenals do and why adrenal fatigue is so common. He also offers a fabulous, at home adrenal treatment protocol that includes testing, supplements, and more…available ONLY through The Adrenal Summit! 

Holistic Practitioner, Lynda BuitragoLynda Buitrago, Holistic Practitioner specializing in thyroid health. I took Lynda up on her FREE 20 minute phone consultation (offered only with the Summit package). She was extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, and knew more about the thyroid that anyone I’d ever talked with before. If you’ve got a thyroid issue, I’d buy the Summit just to listen to her interview!

The Adrenal Summit 

I have listened to every single one of the speakers and am only sharing this summit with you because I truly believe that it can make a huge difference in your health journey. You may not have access to a Naturopath, or have the funds to be able to see a specialist, and that’s why I’m excited that The Adrenal Summit is available. For less than one visit to a Naturopath, you will have answers and options.

Click here to learn more about The Adrenal Summit

Be sure to watch Glen Depke talk about the summit and read about the phenomenal speakers.  Please note that I do receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this Summit. That being said, I only share opportunities and information that I would recommend to my own friends and family.


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