5 Foundation Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making


5 Foundation Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Foundation seems simple. Dab the product on the face and blend, camouflaging dark circles, skin tone unevenness and blemishes. But with the high concentration of formulas in the market and overkill of application tips all over the web, wires can get crossed. We caught up with COVERGIRLMakeup Artist Jennifer Fleming on mistakes we make daily—and how to prevent them. 
Mistake #1: Applying foundation when moisturizer is still wet."Applying foundation when moisturizer is still wet puts the foundation at a disadvantage by sheering its coverage," says Fleming. Wait until the skin feels completely dry to the touch (shouldn't be more than two or three minutes) before applying foundation.
Mistake #2: Applying foundation with too much force.Applying foundation too aggressively can create red blotches, the opposite of what you're trying to do. Don't rush, take your time. "Skin is very delicate, so be kind to your face when applying foundation," says Fleming. "Try holding your brush at the end of the handle, creating less pressure. When using your fingers for application, use your ring and pinky finger, as you're less likely to pull the skin. And if you're a sponge girl, loosen your grip." 
Mistake #3: Applying concealer under foundation."The difference between foundation and concealer is comparable to the difference between panty hose and tights--one is sheer and one is opaque. It's important to apply foundation first, as it may give the coverage you seek on its own, resulting in one less step. If you find you need additional coverage, gently tap the concealer where you need it. This will ensure you use less of both products, and get the coverage you want." 
Mistake #4: Using the wrong formula.Before choosing a foundation, know your skin type. "Dry skin types can handle cream and liquid formulas, which are usually hydrating and emollient," says Fleming. "For oily skin, water-based liquid foundations and powder formulas work well."
Mistake #5: Testing the shade on the jaw only.The jawline is not always the same color as the rest of the face. "Our bodies are so many different colors, and the sun hits our skin in different places." But Fleming has an obvious trick: match the foundation to the part of the face you're applying most of the product. "If the center of your face is lighter than your jaw, match the color you see." 


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