AVIVA- My Review

AVIVA HAIR REVITALIZER 30 DAY SUPPLYAviva is a scientifically formulated Hair Revitalizer that stimulates your own natural hair growth cycle, enriching and enhancing the follicle, allowing it to produce stronger, thicker and beautiful, healthy looking hair. The secret? Aviva’s own 100% drug-free, extra-strength dual complex of Pentaplex HGF and Tetra HHL that’s made with active all-natural ingredients – in a fish-free softgel that’s odorless and easy to take.
A must-have vitamin supplement for your beauty routine, Aviva provides the valuable nutrition that supports hair regeneration.
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I received these wonderful supplements by Beauty Stat. I love anything that is going to help my hair grow faster and look better. I am in my 40's and my hair is not what it once was. I do take well care of my self inside and out. Exercise,eating a colorful diet and loads of water. But having extra help I do need. I have  tried castor oil(just made my hair shiny) other name brand vitamins(my nails grew hair did nothing) and other concoctions I have made myself. I have been taking them now for 3 weeks. I have a 90 day supply. So It is early but here are some pictures of my hair and my nails. My nails I have also seen a great growth spurt. As you see I had to get them done because the lenght is awesome. I will be posting another picture of my hair in a few more weeks comparing this picture and a new picture of my hair growth. I really love the vitamins so far.

Yes this is morning hair and no hair cut till the end of this review. Boy I need a hair dye also. More pics coming soon!!
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This item was provided for review courtesy of www.beautystat.com.


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