MY REVIEW: Essential Oil Booster - Micro-Vibration Eye & Face

Product Description
  • - IONIC FLOW (using gentle, negative-ion, micro-electric pulses to gently 'push' your favorite ESSENTIAL OIL, CREAM or SERUM treatment deeper). Delivers noticeable reduction in appearance of fine lines, eye-bags & lines around mouth
    - GENTLE, dual-mode (choose Steady or Pulse) ULTRASONIC THERAPY promotes increased circulation to REDUCE PUFFY EYES, promotes DEEPER, EFFECTIVE treatments & REDUCES DARK CIRCLES... noticeably firmer skin in 2-3 weeks
    - Device FDA registered (reg #D233185). Suitable for Cosmetician use - can also be used on forehead, cheeks, around lips & brow area
    - Perfect for ESSENTIAL OILS (FREE OIL sample INCLUDED ) CREAM or SERUM to enhance effectiveness. USB rechargeable (so you never worry about batteries)


I was so excited to review this. I have been on a kick lately  with my essential oils and facial tools. I already own the Mia. And a month ago I bought the Sirius. Which is a light  and galvanic therapy tool to use on my face. The eye are I am not able to do so well because I feel needs a tool in itself.  
I was just telling my best friend the other day how to use a eye cream with a massage technique. Than after telling her I requested her to purchase this tool. It does almost the same type technique but better. It has 2 settings. I use it everynight and some mornings. I love using it with a serum and my eye cream. Already the results are very impressive. If you can get rid of the congestion with a lympatic massage the lines and puffiness will disappear. This. I can't tell you how much I love it. It is a tool to have.~

To check out their products go here to their website: (I love the eye creams)


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