Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 7: LOWER BODY

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for the prescribed time, taking minimal rest as needed
1- Thigh Jacks (1:00)
- this is similar to a jumping jack, but you will cross your hands and feet in front of you - alternate which hand/foot is in front each time you jump - stay light on your feet to protect your knees - this is a great warm up for your entire body, but also targets the calves and booty
2- Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift (0:30)
- with your legs in a sumo position (wide squat stance), squat down, keeping your knees tracking over your toes, weight back in your heels - when you come up, squeeze your booty and lift your left leg out to the side - squat down again and lift your right leg out to the side when you come up - repeat, alternating sides each time - keep your chest up - this is amazing for your booty 
3- Alternating Curtsy Lunge to Side Crunch (0:45)
- step your foot back in line with your front heel and squat down into a curtsy lunge - when you come up to switch, lift your back leg up to the side, to work your core - place that leg down and switch legs to repeat, alternating sides - keep your chest lifted, don't bend forward over your knee when you lunge - this also works on your balance - MOD - slow it down, take out the crunch, and feel free to hold on to something to help with balance 
4- Skinny Sumos (0:30)
- start in a regular squat position, with your feet hip-distance apart - do a jump squat, but land in a sumo squat position with your feet out wide - continue alternating between regular jump squats and sumo jump squats - keep proper squat form, chest lifted, booty shooting straight back - you don't have to go down deep, just go as far as you can - land lightly - you can also step in and out instead of jumping (0:30)
5- Single Leg Split Squats (0:30 on each leg)
- use a box or bench - lift one foot up onto the box, resting your toes with your other foot out in front of you in a lunge position. adjust yourself so you can comfortably squat down on the front leg - make sure your knees are aligned with your toes. As you squat, keep your chest lifted and your hips square in front of you - hold on to the wall or chair for balance - squeeze your booty every time you come up - to modify, just come into reverse lunge pulses off the box
6- Elevated Bridge Lifts (0:45)

- lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor - dig your heels into the ground and lift your hips up and back down - you can also have your feet elevated to make it more challenging - really squeeze your booty when you come up - keep your core tight - you can also do alternating single-leg bridge lifts to make it more challenging!


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