Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 2: HOT ABS

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Format: do 3 rounds; perform each move as prescribed, taking minimal rest between moves and rounds
1- Body Squats (1:00)
- you may use a chair or wall to hold on to if you are still working on your balance - with your feet hip distance apart, you are going to pretend you're about to sit down in a chair - keep your chest up and glutes engaged - be sure to tighten your core - only squat as deeply as you can go while keeping your chest up, your back straight, your core tight and engaged - really squeeze your glutes when you come up - keep your knees tracking in line with your toes - don't let your knees go past your toes to protect your knees
2- Side Bridge with Hip Dip (0:30 on each side)
- come down into an elbow side plank - lower and lift your hips - make sure you elbow is stacked right below your shoulder - MOD - drop your bottom knee - stack your feet for more balance - make sure that your hips are square to the wall in front of you, you don't want them rotating forward or back

3- Overhead Reach (0:30 each side)
- lie on the floor and extend one leg out and the opposite arm, bending the other leg - using your core, come up off the floor to meet your extended leg and arm - to modify, bend your extended leg slightly - keep your lower back to the mat, do not arch your back - hug your belly button in towards your spine

4- Mountain Climbers (1:00)
- come into a high plank position - elbows, shoulders and wrists all stacked in line - keep your hips low and run your legs quickly to your chest - keep your core and arms strong - if you need a break, bring your hips up slightly

5- Reverse Tabletop Toe Taps (0:30)

- this move works on back strength - flip your body over and put your hands right behind you - lift your hips up and keep them high - you may hold this, but to make it more challenging, alternate lifting and lowering your legs and tap the ground


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