Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 3: FULL BODY

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Warm Up: 

1- Side to Side Jumps  
2- High Knees  
3- Speed Bags  
4- Arm Circles

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for 0:45, taking little rest between moves and rounds 

1- Skater Lunges (0:45)

- go side to side, hopping and reaching for your opposite foot with your hand. Keep your front knee in line with your front foot, and your rear foot sweeps back to line up with your front foot - this works your glutes and core - keep your chest upright and don't collapse down - MOD - slow down and/or do reverse curtsy lunges. feel free to hold onto a wall or chair!

2- Alligator Push-Ups (0:45)

- this is like a push-up, but you'll alternate your hand position each time you press up - do this move slow and controlled - you can be on your toes or knees - keep your core tight and back straight - this works your chest, triceps and core 

3- Reverse Burpees (0:45)

- start standing - roll back - use your momentum to pop onto your feet and jump up. as your feet come back down from the roll, get them close to your butt to help you stand up - MOD - use your hands to sit down, lay on your back, sit back up, stand (or jump up) 

4- Bear Crawls (0:45)

- start in a tabletop position, but hover your knees above the floor - rotate and touch your right knee to your left elbow, then switch - keep your hips low and your core engaged and pay attention to each time you place your hand down it goes just below your shoulder to keep you stable - MOD - you can also stay in a tall plank and do slow cross body mountain climbers - you may also stand and do standing cross crunches - bear crawls work your shoulders and core 

5- Lateral Barrier Jumps (0:45)

- jump across your mat - light on your feet, keeping your weight back, land softly, chest lifting, use your arms for momentum  - MOD - if you have any trouble, you can step and squat instead of jumping  - keep breathing and smiling! 

6- Tricep Dips (0:45)

- facing up, stack your hands below your shoulders and extend your feet out and lift up - bend your elbows and dip down and up - you may also bend your knees, keeping your hips lifted - keep your elbows parallel to each other, don't let them flare out - chest and neck in neutral - squeeze your shoulders together to activate your triceps - try lifting one leg at a time - MOD - you can stand and hold a water bottle and do triceps extensions, or hold a reverse plank.


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