Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 4: YOGA

Make Fat Cry Challenge

We will have more active recovery days and another yoga flow during the challenge, so you’ll be able to learn more.

Each time you do yoga with a different teacher, the flows change and you’re always learning something new - that is why I don’t want you to keep repeating this same flow over and over.

I have included some resources for you in case you are interested in yoga and wanted to keep trying it.

I also wanted to share with you a few tips to get the most out of your practice, because more than the moves, it's how we approach them that really matters.

I encourage you to take a yoga class at your local gym or yoga studio if you’re interested in practicing more or often so you can get an experienced teacher to help you with your alignment and get even more out of your practice.

How to get the most out of your yoga practice:

1. Put your ego aside - everyone is at a different level and there’s no reason to hurt yourself just to try and get into the “goal” pose. Yoga is a personal practice of finding peace and gratitude - there is no “winner”. Do not compare your abilities to someone else in the room.

2. Moderate the level of intensity - you can make your yoga practice as challenging as you want. Start slowly to make sure you know the poses and have the correct alignment, then you can start holding poses longer, build up to more advanced poses, and moving more quickly.

3. Eating/Drinking - it is best to wait 1-3 hours after eating to practice yoga (water is OK).

4. Focus on your breath - be sure not to hold your breath. Stay connected to your breath at all times. Breathing helps you relax and get deeper into poses.

5. Be aware - be mindful of your breath, your body and your thoughts. These things can have a major effect on the execution of your poses, so be sure to bring awareness to your practice.

6. Expect the unexpected - have no expectations of your body. Yoga is not a routine or perfect - each time you practice you will have a different experience. Having expectations sets you up for disappointment.

7. Relax and let go - yoga does not need to be serious. The poses are intended to relieve our bodies of stress and tension - you will create more tension if you push yourself too hard.

8. Want to get better? Practice! - practicing once a week is better than nothing, but you can’t expect fast results. If you’re looking for results, practice several times a week - either in a class or at home.

Simple Yoga Flows:

A couple notes on form with yoga:

Notice your contact points with the ground. Ground down through all the corners of your hands and feet when they are on the earth.

When in plank, stack hands below shoulders. Maintain good core engagement. You can drop to your knees any time as you come through your chaturanga push ups.

Allow your knees to bend as needed in forward folds, down dogs or anytime.

Step into your lunges with good alignment - that means your front knee is in line with your front foot. The knee is not going beyond the toes, but it can be over them.

When doing chair sits, keep your weight back in your heels and hips. 

At all times, it is perfectly appropriate to hold the side of the wall or chair to help you with balance.

Tune into your breathing. Enjoy taking full breaths into your body as you move, in and out.


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