The Anti-Red Lip You Need This Season

No one can dispute that red lipstick is the reigning queen of makeup products. She rules her kingdom with power and pizzazz and never seems to go out of style. Although we would never attempt to dethrone Big Red, sometimes it’s nice to have a little change and let another shade shine for a day … or for a whole season. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to go a completely different direction from the bright red lip we know so well (don’t worry, it doesn’t make you a traitor). If you’re looking for different change of pace this fall, we found the perfect lip color that lands on the opposite side of the lipstick spectrum. Allow us to introduce nude, the anti-red lip!
The Anti-Red Lip Color

It’s a Different Kind of Bold
Nude lipstick can sometimes be misunderstood. Many live with the impression that a nude lip is boring and washes you out. This is so not the case. Just because you’re not rocking a bright red or orange hue, doesn’t mean you’re not going to get noticed. While red lips lend a pop of vibrancy and color, nude lips lend a pop of class and elegance. You can go a variety of routes with nude lipstick — matte, shine, gloss — and each one brings a different feel to your look.
It’s Versatile
While many associate nude lips with an intense, smoky eye, we know the endless possibilities of a sweet, nude pout. You can rock the nude with everything from a jeweled shadow look or pretty pink lids. Just make sure you add a little color to your face via shadow, blush or liner to offset the nude lip. That’s how you avoid the dreaded “ghost” effect.
It Works for Every Skin Tone
Like red lipstick, there’s a variety of hues and undertones to choose from with nude lipstick. If you pick the right shade that complements your skin tone, you can really make a statement. Nude shades can range from taupe and light beige to a soft pink or peach, so find your perfect match and run with it! Not sure where to start? Read this.


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