MY REVIEW: Easylife Stainless Steel 6-sided Box Grater

Product Description
  • ★ GRATE EXPECTATIONS & GREAT DESIGN. This is ★Imitating Wooden Inspired★ grater to make your cooking little more exciting. When you need to grate more. The box grater easily handles a larger volume of food, which makes it a perfect grater when preparing quantities of ingredients for many recipes.
    ★ NON-SLIP SILICON BOTTOM PROVIDES SAFETY WHEN USING. this grater are very convenient and safe, they work efficiently, you'll love the rubber on bottom of this grater that if you place it on a flat surface it won't slips around and you have to grate straight up and down with your other hand. You can't really hold it at an angle and grate.
    ★ SATISFACTION GURANTEE. We are offering LIFE TIME WARRANTY, There is no reason to not buy this super helpful kitchen tool! Perfect for all grating needs. The fact that it will last for a long time plus it will never let you down for future culinary efforts.
    ★ MULTIPLE GRATING SURFACE OPTIONS. Each side features a different grating surface, Shredding options include an extra-fine grater for foods such as parmesan cheese, potato for rostis (SWISS POTATO PANCAKE) and fine chocolate for decorating desserts, zests lemons and limes in seconds, coarse grater for larger cheeses and vegetables, ultra-coarse grater produces large and thick shreds of cabbage, carrots, potatoes or cheese to speed prep time., Parmesan grating hard cheeses, particularly parmesan cheese, shaver, and slicer -- It also features all-purpose slicers-peeler
    ★ DURABLE, EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN. You will love everything about this crate from its handle that is very smooth, rounded wooden inspired that fits your hand perfectly while holding and grating. You will like the fact that you can grate everything from cheeses to spices. it is earsy to clean the stainless steel. Just place it under the running water and scrub lightly with a soft sponge. This box grater doesn't required lot of scrubbing with a brush to clean off all of the little holes.


This is a great grater!! LOL!!! Hahaha! Okay,than. I needed one terribly since I am up here without my kitchen. Works amazinly well. It is sturdy and I have used all the sides. Cleaning is typical for a grater. I do it by hand washing it. No dishwasher here also. I like it.~Tiffany 


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