MY REVIEW: Vitamin C Serum by Defy Naturals

Product Description
  • ANTI-AGING - Vitamin C plays a critical role in preserving healthy, vibrant skin. However, as we age the Vitamin C in our skin decreases natually. Add in UV light exposure, cigarette smoke and other pollutants in the atmosphere and the aging process speeds up even more. Using a concentrated Vitamin C serum like Defy Naturals slows the aging process and can even reverse it.

    CLINICAL STRENGTH FORMULA - Professionally formulated Vitamin C Serum to go into your skin to repair and reverse aging and sun damage, as well as regenerate new skin cells. This top-rated formula also contains natural extracts of aloe, thyme and chamomile to reduce redness and patchiness on your face, and to shrink pores for a beautiful, flawless, and youthful appearance.

    MADE IN THE USA - Manufactured to the highest quality standards in FDA certified laboratories. A Pure
    Vitamin C / Hyaluronic Acid Solution, No Alcohol - No Parabens

    VEGAN-FRIENDLY - No cruelty solution that is safe for all skin types.


I love C serums. Ya'll know this. A step in my skincare routine that is a must in the morning. I have been using this with my galvanic. WOW! The 2 together work amazingly well on the tone level. My skin was just so rosy. I love this serum even more with my new Sirius. Great company and such a great product. A beauty 10!


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