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1 Round = 12 Minutes

30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Beginners: 1 Round

Intermediate – Advanced: 3 Rounds

The Breakdown

Alterntating Curtsey Jumps
Star Jumps
Block Sumo Squats
Side Burpee 2 squat jumps
Superman Push-ups

Alternating curtsy lunges

1. Straight Bar Curtsy Lunges – with the straight bar resting on your back, start standing.  Step your left foot slightly diagonally behind you so that your thighs cross, bend both knees as if your were doing a curtsy.  Return to standing and repeat other side.

Jacqui - Workout 5-2 Jacqui - Workout 5-3 Jacqui - Workout 5-4 Jacqui - Workout 5-5

Star Jumps

2. Star Jumps – Start standing with feet together, bend your knees and keep your arms by your sides reaching fingertips to the ground.  Jump up as high as you can, spreading your arms and legs so that your body is in the shape of an “X”.  Land softly and in the starting position.
Jacqui - Workout 5-6 Jacqui - Workout 5-7

Block Sumo Squats

3. Plie Squat with Power Block Shoulder Press – starting with your feet wider than shoulder-width, heels in and toes pointed out; bend your elbows and start with your hands at shoulder height.  Squat down, keeping your knees behind your toes.  As you return to a standing position, press your arms straight up.  As you return to the squat position, draw your hands back down to shoulder height.

Jacqui - Workout 5-8 Jacqui - Workout 5-9 Jacqui - Workout 5-10 Jacqui - Workout 5-11

Side Burpee + 2 Squat Jumps

4.  Side Burpee with 2 Squat Jumps – Start in a standing position, squat down reaching your hands to the OUTSIDE of your left foot.  Hop your feet  straight out to the left.  Hop your feet back to your hands and stand.  Once standing do 2 squat jumps (bending knees squatting down and then jumping up as high as you can).  Repeat other side.
Jacqui - Workout 5-12 Jacqui - Workout 5-13 Jacqui - Workout 5-14 Jacqui - Workout 5-15 Jacqui - Workout 5-16 Jacqui - Workout 5-17 Jacqui - Workout 5-18 Jacqui - Workout 5-19 Jacqui - Workout 5-20 Jacqui - Workout 5-21 Jacqui - Workout 5-22

Superman Push Ups

5. Push-up Superman – starting in plank, do one push-up by lowering your chest to the ground and then pressing your hands into the ground returning to plank.  Once back in plank, engage your core even more and lift your right arm and left leg.  Return to plank and repeat opposite side.

Jacqui - Workout 5-23 Jacqui - Workout 5-24 Jacqui - Workout 5-25 Jacqui - Workout 5-26 Jacqui - Workout 5-27 Jacqui - Workout 5-28 Jacqui - Workout 5-29


6. Skater Hops – start in a small squat.  Jump sideways to the left, landing on your left foot, and bringing your right foot behind you.  Immediately jump to the right, landing on your right foot and bringing your left foot behind you.  STAY LOW.

Jacqui - Workout 5-30 Jacqui - Workout 5-31 Jacqui - Workout 5-32

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