Highlighter Cheat Sheet and The Best Highlighters

How To Apply A Highlight & The Perfect Products To Use!! #beauty #makeuptips #makeup
CENTER OF THE NOSE/T-ZONE – I call this area the ‘tree’ because I feel like when you apply it that’s what it sort of looks like a very whimsical tree so it makes it easy to remember where to put it.
BROW BONE – I like to apply a bit of a liquid highlighter to my brow bone area to really make the eyes pop!
UNDER YOUR EYES – I do this in a bit of a triangle shape under my eyes, most times I do it after already applying a bit of concealer to cover any dark circles and really brighten up this area of your face.
AROUND YOUR NOSE//CUPIDS BOW//CHIN – These are all areas that we want to bring a bit of attention to with light and by using a highlighter in combination with your contouring you’re gonna get such a pretty radiant glow!
The Best Highlighting Products! #beauty #makeup #makeuptips


Like I said, I have a super crazy obsession with highlighter so over the years I’ve come up with the best highlighting products that are always favorites and ones I go back to constantly and I even through in some new loves!


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