3 Products to Carry in Your Bag for Quick Fixes

As often as we swear by a good makeup tutorial or our favorite face mask, we can’t deny the appeal of the quick fix. We never know where the day will take us and no one wants to have to drag around their entire beauty kit everywhere they go. We understand that the struggle to stay refreshed and lovely all day long is a real one, and we want to help. We came up with three fixer-uppers that will save you some time and bag space. Get ready to kiss each and every potential on-the-go beauty crisis goodbye!

1. Cleansing Wipes
For those manic days involving gym, errands and endless appointments, where you find yourself frantically applying makeup in your car, cleansing wipes are lifesavers. Keep them handy for makeup mistakes, tidying up after a workout or to get rid of excess shine that accumulates throughout the day.Presto, instantly fresh skin.
2. Mutitasking Face Cream
A one-stop-shop product that moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes skin will come in handy when you don’t have time for a touch-up or are in the midst of travel. Find a facial cream or gel that instantly hydrates, smooths and brightens. Bonus points if it also highlights and conceals! Or a good BB cream.
3. Lip Balm
While we totally understand why you might choose to keep a stockpile of coral lipstick shades on hand all summer, we’ve also come to appreciate the wonders of a trusty lip balm to keep lips smooth and healthy. A nourishing balm will replenish lips (and give you a little color if you go for the tinted variety), especially if they’re parched from reapplying lipstick all day. Keep one in your bag to revive your pout, as well as protect you from the elements no matter where you go.

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