20-10 Punisher EXTREME


20-10 Punisher EXTREME where you will...

Complete 20 seconds on,10 seconds rest TWO times for each exercise below (60 seconds each) then move to the next exercise. Once finished with the 4- minutes on circuit 1, rest 60-seconds and complete 30 seconds on each exercise in circuit #2 going through ONE time only.

Circuit #1: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for two rounds on each exercise, then move to the next exercise.

-Punisher Bodyweight Squats
-Punisher Prisoner Squats
-Punisher Squat to Toes
-Punisher Squat Jumps

Once finished with the 4-minutes, rest 60 seconds then complete the circuit below:

-Swing Through Lunges: 30 seconds each side 
-Toe Touches: 30 seconds
-Bulgarian Split Squat: 30 seconds each side 
-In-n-Outs: 30 seconds
-Jump Lunges: 30 seconds Repeat only once.

Once you are finished with the 20-10 Punisher EXTREME (follow along video HERE!), move into the 20-10 Upper Body Blast:

Perform 20-10 interval on the exercises below for 2 total rounds!

-Outside Mountain Climbers
-Spiderman Pushups
Complete 2 TOTAL rounds (4-minutes)

BOOM and you are done! Talk about a killer workout. I know my legs and upper body will be feeling this one at the wedding we are attending this weekend. Just hope I can still dance the night away :)


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