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Low Energy? Overweight? Poor Digestion? It could be your acid level

When your body's pH is out of whack it can contribute to a wealth of physical woes. In fact, some studies point to pH as a large factor in illnesses such as: 
--Nerve and joint pain 
--Body stiffness 
--Chronic pain and fatigue
In simple terms your pH is the measurement of your body's electrical balance which helps to regulate many normal bodily functions. If your pH is irregular it's difficult for enzymes in your body to function properly. And that can lead to tiredness, sluggishness, and even chronic illness. The fastest, most accurate way to stay on top of your pH is by using pH test strips.

Clean easy, accurate testing

Our selpHbalance - 4.5-9 pH Test Strips provide an easy, accurate way to monitor your pH levels in the privacy of your own home. Our practitioner grade test strips allow you to test either urine or saliva and never bleed like litmus or other testing papers. You can also test the pH levels of your pet and virtually any liquid such as:
✔ Food and drinking water 
✔ Your urine and saliva 
✔ Garden soil 
✔ Your pool, hot tub, spa, ponds and aquariums

Our selpHbalance - 4.5-9 pH Test Strips are carefully tested, labeled, and accurately matched to our color chart for easy visible results. And we use only high quality materials and packaging with a long shelf life. If you're not 100% not satisfied with our strips, simply return them within 60 days for a full refund.


Now I play with my diet a lot. I am always testing out detox diets. Especially that I have had some hormone issues. And it is nice to know if you are acidic or not. Whether what veggies and fruits you should be eating and which ones to stay away from. I am a really healthy plant based paleo foodie. I love my diet. I feel good on it. And these strips really  helped me with my fall detox this season. I did the spit and urine it tested both accurately the same.  Great easy strips. 

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