5 Mascaras Your Short Lashes Will Love

We all strive to achieve longer, fuller, thicker lashes. And if you ask us, an eye or nose poke every now and then is totally worth the risk of wielding a mascara wand at our faces. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? If you happen to be one of those girls with itty, bitty, baby lashes, trust us when we say your short lashes will thank you for these (magic) wands. 
Best Mascaras

1. Urban Decay Perversion
Bigger, badder, blacker lashes. That’s what you’ll get with the lengthening and volumizing intensity of Perversion. The full-bodied texture and ultra-creamy, never-clumpy formula glides on smoothly for the most insane lashes — even with a single swipe!
2. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara
A primer and mascara in one. First apply the super-volumizing primer to build volume on each individual lash and create a smooth base. Then swipe on the fiber-rich mascara for extreme and dramatic length.
3. Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara
Illegal length says it all. This mascara breaks every law of lengthening with a breakthrough formula containing fibers that add on up to 4mm in length. Brush on from root to tip for extension-like lashes!

Lancôme Ôscillation
This revolutionary mascara actually vibrates to separate and multiply lashes with the press of a button! The vibrating wand works by wrapping each individual lash in a coat of mascara for ultra long and utterly transformed lashes.

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NYX Doll Eye Mascara
Make your porcelain dolls jealous with a unique blend of natural oils, vitamin E and nylon fibers that extend lashes to the most extreme proportions!


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