How to Bake Your Makeup

There’s contouring, strobing, tightlining and, now, baking has taken over the beauty stratosphere. This new technique (which, honestly, makes us crave cookies) is changing the way we view (and use) concealer. Baking essentially consists of using your body heat to “cook” and set your makeup, thus resulting in a more flawless, creaseless finish. No more cracked, cakey makeup for you! Check out how makeup genius Marygene Rose demonstrates the fine art of baking!
How to Bake Your Makeup

Step 1: Apply concealer to the under-eye area and any blemishes. Make sure the region is completely covered. Use a brush to lightly blend out the makeup.
Step 2: Take a loose powder foundation (try Maybelline Shine-Free Oil-Control Loose Powder) and dust it over the concealer. Again, make sure you cover the entire region as the powder is meant to seal your concealer. For more heavy-duty coverage, apply a second coat of powder. But, this time, dampen the application brush a little prior to dipping it in the powder.  Allow five to ten minutes for the makeup to set and “bake.”
Step 3: Using a fluffy foundation brush, dust away any residual powder and gently blend it out so there’s no discoloration or makeup lines.


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