Lower Body Sculpt

lower body sculpt
Sliders: get in a squat position and slide across the room in one direction. Stop and slide the other way.
Dead Lifts: focus on using your butt and hamstrings to raise up and not your back. Use two 15 lbs dumbbells
Plank Jacks: In raised plank position, Jump feet out, jump back together, just like a jumping jack. Keep back straight.
Cleans: I used two 15 lbs dumbbells
Sidewalks: Tie resistance band around ankles, feet shoulder width apart, walk sideways to left across room, then right.
Diagonal Raise: feet wide, legs straight, dumbbell in right hand. Raise dumbell up then lower to left foot. repeat. Do for 30 seconds, repeat on left side.
v-sit crunch: place hands on ground behind you if needed
dumbell swing: may use kettle bell instead
Supermans: hold for the minute, rest when needed
Frog Jumps: Squat, touch floor with fingertips, jump high as you can, extending hands upwards. repeat.
It still has cardio moves and ab moves and even a little arm action, but it is mainly focused on the lower body. My legs were pretty fatigued afterwards going up the stairs to get Cassidy up from her nap. I really need to workout legs more since they contain some of the largest muscles in the body.
Entire workout takes 21 minutes if repeated twice and 32 minutes if done 3 times. And if you only have 10 minutes in your day, just do it once, every bit counts!


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