Chinese Five Spice

Today’s post is gonna be a short one.
I just noticed that I was out of “Five Spice” so I made a batch of my own instead of buying a pre-made can, and thought I should let you know how you can make your own Five Spice blend too.
“Five Spice” is a traditional Chinese spice blend with a distinct anise flavor. There are many different variations of it, and many blends actually include more than 5 different spices (I went for six).
It’s often used to season duck, pork or chicken meat, and also veggie stir-fry’s.
It can definitely be used as a rub, or to give a marinade an unmistakable Chinese character.
• 1 tbsp ground Star Anise.
• 1 tbsp ground Fennel Seeds.
• 1 tbsp ground Cinnamon.
• 1 tbsp ground Ginger.
• 1 tbsp ground Cloves.
• 1/2 tbsp ground Sichuan Pepper (or Black Pepper).
How to:
Put all ingredients in a small bowl, and thoroughly blend them using a fork.
Store in an air-tight container.
(Of course the more of the spices you grind yourself, the better the flavor will be. It’s easily done using a mixer…)
Note: Five Spice brings a lot of flavor, so don’t over do the seasoning with it… ;)
In the upcoming posts I’ll give you some ideas on what you can make with it, so make sure to check back in ;)
That’s all for now folks, now go have an awesome week


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