Quik Lip Tip Tutorial


Last month we learned the best trick for creating a perfect cupid’s bow (revisit it here). Today I’m sharing the best trick for lining your lips the way we pro’s do it for our clients on the red carpet. Some of you might have figured this one out yourself and are already doing it! If not, it’s a quick one to learn and is a game changer. When you line your lip perimeter with your mouth relaxed, there’s no way to get in the micro lines that you can’t even see. And let’s be honest, the line can get a little wonky depending on how voluminous your lips are! But if you stretch your smile, it flattens the surface so you can draw a smooth line with the tip directly on the perimeter, allowing half of the line to slightly go above the perimeter without anyone knowing you exaggerated anything! Here’s how:
  • Your Favorite Lip Pencil — I used Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colour Pencil in Anime because it’s longwearing so it really lasts and it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  • Your Favorite Matching Lipstick — I used Lancome Rouge in Love Lip Color in Pink BonBon because it too is longwearing (lasts up to 6 hours), super pigmented but feels really light like a balm.
  1. Line the perimeter of your lip area with your lips relaxed like you typically would. Don’t worry about it being perfect.
  2. Now here’s the trick! Stretch your lips by smiling and hold it tightly like that. Now line the upper lip area by holding the tip of the pencil on the perimeter so half of it falls below the perimeter and half slightly above. By holding the smile you can exaggerate the line a little and make your lips slightly fuller.
  3. While still holding the stretched smile, line the bottom perimeter as well. You might notice that you actually lined it above the perimeter when you originally lined it but didn’t notice until you smiled.
  4. Now fill in the surface area with the matching lipstick.


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