Grilled Steak w/ Strawberry Chimichurri


11/4 lb skirt steak
1/4c toasted slivered almonds
1c cauliflowered rice,cooked
Stir almonds in rice.

1t sea salt
1/2c flat leaf parsley
2T oregano,chopped
2 garlic cloves,minced
2T sherry vinegar
2T lemon juice
2T RAW honey
2/3c olive oil
1 cup finely chopped strawberries

Steak Rub:
11/2 t ground cumin
1 1/2 t sea salt

Rub the steak down with spices. Combine all chimichurri ingredients. Thread the steak onto two long babecue skewers. Heat grill to mdium high. Cook steak to medium done about 4 minutes per side. Let it rest for  5 minutes. Serve with rice and chimichurri sauce. Serves 4.


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