3 Easy Ways to Disinfect Your Makeup(And the Makeup Counter's)

"Oils, bacteria, and germs can transfer from your skin and hands to makeup, possibly leading to breakouts or infections. To prevent this, wash your hands and dry them on a clean towel before handling your makeup, especially before putting your fingers in a jar of moisturizer. Apply foundation with a brush. You can sanitize makeup with a spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol from the drugstore (do not use ethyl alcohol). I sanitize my makeup kit, products, tools, and bags with Beauty So Clean. They have makeup sprays and towelettes that kill germs on contact without damaging your makeup, and without any fumes. It's something every makeup artist should be using between every use, and on your products at home, a quick spritz daily, once a week, or whenever you clean your brushes should do. Remember that brushes can harbor bacteria, so clean them often with gentle soap like Dr Bronner's ($17,target.com). With foundation brushes or eyeliner, you may need to use waterproof eye makeup remover first to remove the makeup and then follow with a face cleanser, liquid soap, or a solid brush shampoo."
We love these makeup-saving items:
1. Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser, $6.99, target.com.

2. Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist, $12.50, and Wipes, $10, beautysoclean.com.


3. Alcone 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, $4, alconeco.com.


Have you ever broken out from makeup before? Let me know!


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