Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge: Day 24-Side Body Burn

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for the prescribed amount of time, taking minimal rest as needed
1- Jumping Jacks (0:45)

- stay light on your toes - jump your legs in and out and raise your arms above your head - land softly

2- Sliding Side Lunge (left then right, 0:30 each leg)

- stand with feet about hip distance apart and place one foot on your towel (or plate) - slide that leg out to the side, keeping your hips back and your weight on your standing leg - be careful not to pitch your body forward and keep your chest up. be mindful of that bent knee as you lower down, keep it lined up with the toe and not projecting over it - switch legs halfway through - MOD - hold on to a wall or chair back to help support your bak

3- Reverse Burpee to Side Jump (0:45)

- roll onto your back and then back up, bringing your feet in close to your seat, using your hands to press yourself up, using your momentum to jump up and to the side - repeat the roll back and, jump back to where you started - MOD - take out the roll and just sit down and use your hands for support - you can also take out the jump at the top by stepping to the side

4- Spiderman Push-Ups (0:30)

- start in a tall plank position, core engaged - lower down into a push-up and bring your left knee to your left elbow - press back up, straightening out the leg and putting it back on the floor. repeat the push up, this time bringing your right knee to your right elbow - MOD - you can do this leaning against a wall or on your knees as well

5- Low Shuffle Kick (0:45)

- come down into a squat position and begin to shuffle your feet to the side - lift your leg up and out, kicking your foot out to the side - shuffle back to the other side and repeat - MOD - take out the kick

6- Side Plank Toe Taps (left then right 0:30 each side)

- come into side forearm plank with your elbow stacked below your shoulder - stack your feet or scissor them - lift your top leg up straight and tap it in front of your stationary leg, then tap it behind. keep your hips nice and square in front of you and don't wobble.  - MOD - bend your bottom knee and keep it on the ground


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