30-Day Challenge: Day 18 - Full Body STRETCHING & Active Recovery

Make Fat Cry Challenge



Warming up: Walking Lunges, Plie Squats, Runners Lunge, Forward Fold, Sun Salutations

Quads: Standing (or Lying) Quad Stretch, Samson Stretch

Hams: Seated Hamstring Stretch

Inner Thighs and Hams: Butterfly Stretch, Standing Hamstring Stretch on a Box

Glutes: Seated Figure 4 Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Figure 4 Stretch, Single Knee to Chest, Cross Body Single Knee to Chest

Lower Back: Spinal Twist, Seated Spinal Twist

Calves: Straight Leg Calf Stretch, Bent Knee Calf Stretch, Shin Stretch, Wall Calf Stretch

Chest: Wall Chest Stretch

Lats: Lat Stretch, Towel Chest Stretch

Bicep Stretch

Tricep Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Neck Stretch

Abs: Cobra, Cat Cow, Bridge Pose


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