Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge: Day 21 - Cardio Ladder

Ladder 1

Format: use a 10-1 rep scheme, alternating moves; take minimal rest as needed
1-  Downward Dog Flow

-come into a tall plank position with your hands stacked below your shoulders - press back into downward dog, lifting your hips - come forward into tall plank - lower down and then press up into upward dog - flow back into downward dog and repeat - MOD - come to your knees when you're lowering down

2- Split Squat Lunges

-start in a lunge position with your front heel in line with your front knee - explode up and land in the exact same position with the opposite leg, landing softly, chest lifting - use your arms to propel you - MOD - do forward alternating lunges, holding a wall as needed

Ladder 2

Format: use a 5-1 rep scheme, alternating moves; take minimal rest as needed

1- Burpees

begin standing and place your hands on your mat - jump your feet back into a tall plank - do a push up - jump your feet back to your hands and explode up into a jump - MOD - take out the push up or jump, or both; or you can just bring your chest to the floor; walk your hands back and up

2- Ceiling Stomps

- lie on your mat and lift your feet up straight - keep your back pressed into the mat - lift your heels up to the ceiling - don't swing your feet to your head, lift them up towards the ceiling MOD - you can do this with bent knees as well


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