Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge: Day 20 - Full Body Shred


Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for 0:45, taking minimal rest as needed


1- Skaters 

-begin in a reverse curtsy lunge, with your right foot behind your left, chest upright, core engaged.  jump lightly to your right, this time allowing your left foot to come behind your right. be mindful as you go through these of your knee and toe alignment especially in the front because you want to move quickly back and forth between the sides- MOD - slow it down and perform alternating reverse curtsy lunges, only lunge as deeply as you can while maintaining good alignment and form - hold on to a chair or wall if you need to 

2- Bicep Curls 

-wrap your towel or band around something secure and position your feet against a sturdy surface. with an underhand grip, grab each end of the towel and curl your body up to meet the towel, keeping your elbows in to your sides and your chest open. gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to help with this - the more you lean back, the more resistance you'll get so for easier stand more upright and for harder, lean back more.

3- Jump Squat Quarter Turn 

-start in a squat position with your feet hip-distance apart - hinge at the hips, allowing the knees to track in line with the toes. load your feet and squat to jump up, as you jump drive yourself a quarter turn to the right and land softly. use your arms for momentum, repeat - MOD - do regular body squats without the jump, still turning after each rep 

4- 3-Way Push Ups

-in a tall plank position, core engaged, legs straight, hands stacked below your shoulders walk your hands in so that when you lower yourself down they're touchign your ribs and perform a narrow push-up. press back up and walk your hands out wide and do a wide push-up. press up and walk your hands to a neutral position and press yourself back to downward dog, lifting your hips high and perform a press, or pike push-up, keeping your head and neck neutral and core engaged. repeat - MOD - you can modify this by performing it kneeling

5- Jab, Cross, Jab, Crescent Kick

-come into a fighter stance, light on your feet, arms up in soft fists. Face to the right. punch with your right arm (jab) then follow it up with a left punch in front of your body to the right (cross) then a second right handed punch (jab). Perform a crescent kick with your right leg - that's where you swing your leg up like you were going to draw a circle in the air with your foot. Only go as high as you're comfortable with the crescent kick. Crescent kick again with the left leg, which will naturally allow your body to pivot left. Begin the jab, cross jab combo again, only this time to the left. Repeat.  - MOD - bend your knee during the kicks

6- Sumo Squat to Side Crunch 

- begin in a sumo squat position, feet out wider than hips, knees still tracking in the same direction as your toes, chest lifting - squat down, and when you come up, crunch your right knee to your elbow - do another squat and then crunch your left knee - squeeze your butt each time you come up - keep your chest lifted throughout, if you're dipping down you need to not squat as deep, keep your weight in your heels - MOD - hold on to a chair back for balance; you can also take out the crunch


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