Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge: Day 19 - Total Core Domination


Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for the prescribed amount of time, taking minimal rest as needed

1- Total Body Extensions (0:45)

-start standing feet hip distance or slightly wider. squat down keeping your weight back in your heels and chest up then stand, shooting your arms up - squeeze your butt and core to help support you. This is a great, non impact intense version of a body squat.

2- Plank Walkout with a Twist (0:45)

-start standing - forward fold, bringing your hands to your mat and start walking them out until you reach a tall plank position, hands stacked under your shoulders, core engaged. rotate to side plank, keeping your body in a straight line, wrist below your shoulder, and hold for a second - come back to tall plank and walk your hands back in - repeat and rotate to the opposite side - MOD - come down to a knee when you come into side plank - you can also come into an elbow planks


3- Knee Sliders (0:30)

-in a tall plank position, put your toes on a towel or paper plates - begin to slide your knees in towards your chest - make sure your hands are stacked below your shoulders - keep you hips low and your core engaged here, don't arch your back and be mindful of your hand placement - MOD - lay on your back and bend your knees, crunching your knees into your chest

4- Floor Wipers (0:30)

-lie on your back and extend your legs long - keep your lower pressed into the ground to engage your core - lift your legs up and to the side, keeping them straight - bring them down and then lift up to the other side - MOD - bend your knees to shorten the lever and take the pressure off of your lower back if you're having trouble keeping it pressed down.

5- Tuck Jumps (0:30)

-stand and load your weight in your heels, coming into an explosive jump driving your knees up towards your chest - as you come down, land softly on your feet. be mindful of your pace, don't rush, don't stall, be steady - MOD - perform a body squat or jump squat instead

6- Sit Outs (0:30)

-come into a tall plank position with good core engagement, hands below shoulders - lift your right foot off the ground and bring it across and beneath your body, while lifting your left arm up, allowing your body to naturally rotate - in one smooth motion come back to plank bringing foot and hand back down - repeat on the other leg - MOD - hold plank and perform cross body mountain climbers, bringing one knee across to the opposite chest and repeating in a steady rhythm. You can also stand and perform cross body knees to hands.

Bonus Moves

1- Flutter Kicks (0:45)

-lie on your back with your lower back pressed into your mat - lift your legs straight out about 6 inches from the ground - begin to kick your legs up and down, alternating them - keep your shoulders off the ground and neck neutral, looking towards your toes - MOD - raise your feet higher and do bigger flutter kicks

2- Butterfly Crunches (0:45)

-lying on your back, bring the soles of your feet together to touch - holding soft fists under your chin or using one hand to support your head (don't pull on your neck) - initiate the movement from you core, lift your torso up and crunch.

3- Butterfly Side-to-Side (0:45)

- in the same position as before, feet together, extend your arms out straight at your sides and begin to reach down your body one side at a time, engaging your obliques


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