Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge: Day 17 - Full Body Tabata Burn

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Format: this is a Tabata-style workout. Each workout interval is 0:20 and each rest period is 0:10 - you'll do 4 rounds of Tabata A, rest, then 4 rounds of Tabata B, rest, then 4 rounds of Tabata C


Tabata A:


1- Lateral Barrier Jumps 

- have something (a towel, for example) to act as a "barrier" that you'll jump over - stand on one side of the barrier and squat down, using good squat form, loading your weight in your heels, chest up - explode to jump over the barrier, landing softly - keep your weight back - make sure your knees don't go beyond your toes - keep your core engaged - MOD: do a squat, step across, and squat again - you can also hop instead of jump


2- Cross Body Mountain Climbers 

- come into a tall plank position, hands stacked beneath your shoulders, core engaged, back NOT arched - run your knees to the opposite elbow - MOD: slow down the cross, or hold plank either on your toes or knees - if you need to take the pressure off your wrists, do standing cross crunches, bringing knees up to opposite elbows


Tabata B:


1- Burpees

- plant your hands, shoot your feet back, do a push-up, jump your feet back to your hands, explode up into a jump - MOD: step back and/or step up, option to take out the jump at the end - you can also drop your chest to the floor instead of the push-up


2- Supermans 

- lie on your stomach with your arms and legs extended - lift and lower your arms and legs, engaging your lower back - MOD: you can lift just your arms or just your legs - you can widen your feet to make it easier


Tabata C:  


1- Cross Body Reverse Lunge

- step back into a reverse lunge - keeping that back foot in line with your hip, reach your hand (same hand as back leg) to your opposite toe, touching the ground - jump and switch to your other leg and hand - MOD: do regular jumping lunges without touching the ground - you can also do reverse lunges with a torso twist - you may also hold on to a chair or the wall


2- Knee Up 

- lie on your back, legs and arms extended - engage your core and lift your upper body and bring your knees in towards your body - MOD: keep your upper body down on the floor and hands by your side - bend your knees and lift your hips off the floor slightly - you can also do toe reaches


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