Betty Rocker 30 Day Challenge: Day 16-Upper Body

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for the prescribed amount of time, taking minimal rest as needed


1- Squat Thrusts (0:45) 

- squat down - place your hands on the ground and shoot your feet back so you are in a tall plank position - jump to meet your hands and feet and explode up into the air - when you plant your hands, keep your shoulders over your wrists - squeeze your butt each time you come up - MOD: step back and step up - you can also take out the jump at the end - you can also just do body squats


2- Dips (0:45)

- use a box or bench - face away from the box and place your hands on the edge - with your knees either straight or bent, begin to lower and lift yourself - really engage your triceps - keep your elbows parallel to each other, not splaying out - MOD: do dips with your hands on the floor


3- Knee Sliders (0:45)

- in a tall plank position, put a towel (or paper plates) under your toes - slide your knees side to side to meet your elbows - keep your back flat and your core tight - MOD: if this bothers your wrists, do bicycles - you can also do cross-body mountain climbers


4- Good Mornings Left, then Right (1:00)

- in a standing position, lift your right leg - bend forward with a flat back, hinging at the hips - reach your arms out in front of you for balance - slightly bend your standing knee - distribute weight evenly on your standing food - MOD: hold on to a wall or chair back, or put both feet down


5- Push Slide (0:45)

- come into a tall plank position and press back, bending your knees - try to use your arms instead of your legs - keep your core tight and arms engaged - MOD: to make it easier, use more of your legs


6- Towel Rows (0:45)

- wrap a towel around a door handle - place your feet in front of the door and lean back while holding onto the towel in each hand - engage your back muscles, initiate the movement from between your shoulder blades - row your body up to meet the towel and lower back down - MOD: do renegade rows - in push-up position with feet out wide, core tight, row one arm up to your ribcage - repeat on the other side


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