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10 Quiet Exercises For Holiday Travel

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Posted by Rachael Wright
Here’s a compilation of the best and QUIET exercises and you can do anywhere and without weight for those days when they aren’t available.
1.Wall Sits: Place your back against the wall and slide down till your legs form a 90 degree angle and you look like you’re sitting in a chair.  Hold this for as long as possible.  It’s a killer on the quads and doesn’t involve anything except bodyweight.  If you want to add weight, take a 5-10 lb weight and twist to each side as you maintain your wall sit.  It’s a killer on the obliques.
2.Squats: Leg exercises give you the most bang for your buck since they work out the largest muscle group in your body which also happen to burn the most calories.  Straight squats, wide squats, squats with a leg raise…the possibilities are endless.
3. Lunges:  Yes, another leg exercise.  They are fantastic.  You can do these without weight or add weight and hold it either at your chest or above your head.  It’ll give you an extra workout for your core.
4.Pushups:  Ok so as long as you aren’t grunting along with these they are quiet.  Obviously.  To change it up place your hands under your shoulders and as you lower down keep your arms by your sides and push up using your triceps.  Another variation is the star push up, touch your thumbs and index fingers together in front of you and push up from here.  You can also start in the normal push up position then power up and clap your hands together at the top before coming back down.
5.Tricep Dips:  These are done by using the side of a table or bed and using only your triceps to both lower yourself down and then raise up.  You can put your feet up on another object to make this harder.
6. Reverse Crunches: Laying on the floor raise your legs so that they are straight up, lift your shoulders up slightly and raise your feet up towards the ceiling without moving any other part of your body.  Concentrate on using only your lower abdominals to lift your legs.
7. Oblique Twists:  With your legs slightly off the floor twist left and right using a weight if you have it.  If you can’t keep your feet off the floor, lower them down and in the same C-Sit position continue with the oblique twists.
8. Plank:  The plank actually uses a vast amount of muscle to maintain which range from the core, arms, shoulders, legs, and back.  This will burn an incredible amount of calories and get you a full body workout in and of itself.
9. Burpees:  Burpees are actually pretty quiet if you need them to be all you have to do is take out the jump at the end.  Burpees are a great way to add in some cardio without having to go outside for a run or break out a jump rope.
10. Kicks: I love these from my martial arts days.  Great cardi0 along with core and leg work.  They include straight leg kicks: standing with one leg back and the other in front and then kicking the front leg out straight then switching.  Side kicks are the same stance then kicking to the side.  Then perform a back kick, always concentrating on pulling in your core and kicking the same spot with force.


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