DIY Easy Recipes and How to Use Sea Salt

sea salt for your skin

Sea salt is salt produced from the evaporation of seawater, unlike table salt that is mined from salt deposits in the earth and is heavily processed to produce “clean” salt. Sea salt is used in cooking and cosmetics, and this article will concentrate in the second use, showing you simple and easy recipes for skin care that you can easily prepare at home.

Sea salt contains calcium, which is seldom known for its ability to deep-clean the pores in our skin.  It also contains bromide, a mineral known for soothing the skin, Potassium that aids in the reduction of water retention, and iodine that regulates metabolic processes on a cellular level.

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Soften tough skin with a moisturizing sea salt scrub. This is a very simple recipe, but gives fantastic results. It leaves the skin soft, refreshed and renewed. Use sea salt that doesn’t have rough, sharp edges. The texture of the sea salt should be fine and gentle to the touch, as you don’t want it to scratch your skin but gently exfoliating the dead skin cells. Sea salt on its own is an excellent exfoliating treatment, and many expensive spas use similar recipes, but it is so easy to make it at
home, so you must give it a try.
2 cups fine sea salt
4 cups carrier oil such as apricot kernel, almond oil or grapeseed oil (check my article about the best fruit oils for skin care)
25 drops of essential oil of your choice
Place the sea salt in a jar, cover with the oil and then add the essential oil. Store in a cool area. To use, dampen your body and use your hands to massage the mixture into your skin. Avoid any wounded or scratched areas. After massaging rinse with warm water.

Bath salt

This is again a very easy recipe for bath salt that adds minerals to the bathwater that cleanse the skin. This recipe contains borax which is a natural mineral salt found in a few places in the world.Borax occurs naturally in evaporite deposits produced by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. This recipe also contain white clay (also called kaolin clay) which has many benefits including antibacterial and detoxification properties (see my article about cleansing homemade face scrub for blemished skin).
2 cups borax
1/8 cup sea salt
1/8 cup white clay
Essential oil of your choice
Combine the first 3 ingredients and mix it evenly. Add essential oil. The mixture will absorb a lot of essential oil, so the guideline should be a strong smell because the salts are going to be diluted when you mix them in the bathwater. Cover the mixture with a breathable cloth and let is sit to dry for several hours.Then mix again well. Add 4-6 tbsp of the mixture to the bathwater and wait for it to dissolve before bathing.
You can also use sea salt for dental care. Click here to find out how to make very easy sage and sea salt homemade toothpowder:
Click here for toothpowder>>>>>>

Sage and Sea Salt Homemade Toothpowder


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