Natural Ingredient Reduces Wrinkles,Cellulite,and Stretch Marks

Better Than Botox: Natural Ingredient Reduces Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Stretch Marks


Do you ever wish beauty ads . . .

Would have a “Liar Liar” moment? One glorious day in which they would uncontrollably blurt out the truth about their products? I’ll bet it would go something like this . . .
“The celebrity in this endorsement has never tried this product. 
Chances are the stuff in your kitchen would work better, but we can’t patent it so buy this.
Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate skin, but we put it in our formula anyway because we know you don’t know that. (source)
One can hope that such a day comes, but even if it doesn’t most of us already know that expensive “Hope In A Jar” creams lie, and so do the heavily airbrushed photos that sell them.

But What If There Was Something That DID Work?

And it was cheap. Aannnnd – just for kicks – lets say it also reduced or eliminated cellulitestretch marks, and joint pain, helped to grow strong hair and nailsrepaired damaged digestion and helped balance hormones
Turns out, there is. And while it won’t make your skin look like perfectly airbrushed plastic (yay!), it can do something far better: nourish health from the inside out.
I’m talking about gelatin, of course.

Study: Gelatin Increases Collagen Production

Researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology – after being asked for the millionth time to scientifically validate the cultural practice of consuming gelatin for youthful skin – set up a little study to keep the peace. Okay, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it went, but this next part is true: To study the effects of UV exposure on mice, the aforementioned researchers separated them into three groups:
  1. Those who did were not exposed to UV light
  2. Those who were exposed repeatedly with increased intensity over time
  3. Those who were exposed repeatedly with increased intensity over time, AND WERE FEDGELATIN
When results were measured, “mice exposed to the light without the gelatin had a 53% average decrease in the collagen content of their skin, compared to the mice that received no ultraviolet light exposure at all. Astonishingly, the mice that were exposed to the light, but also fed gelatin had no collagen decrease at all. They actually had an average collagen increase of 17%.” (source,original study, emphasis mine)

Why It Works

In her new book, Primal Mom’s Look Good Naked, Peggy Emch explores how nutritional deficiencies contribute to early aging, cellulite, stretch marks, and sagging jowls. Though we can manufacture collagen within our bodies, we need certain building blocks to do that. Gelatin is basically powdered collagen, so it’s kind of a no brainer to start there and let a nutrient-dense diet add in the rest (protein, vitamin C and zinc are also needed).
To sum up:
Rubbing collagen on your face – not so helpful.
Eating collagen promoting foods such as gelatin, high quality protein, Vitamin C and zinc – better than Botox!

Need Some Recipes To Get Started?

No problem, here are some ideas!
Note: Always buy grass-fed if possible.

Now, About Cellulite & Stretch Marks . . .

primal-moms-look-good-nakedIn Primal Mom’s Look Good Naked, Peggy explains that these changes in appearance come from a breakdown in connective tissue, and that the implications are more than skin deep.
Collagen degeneration is a sign of cellular dehydration, which means that cells have become damaged and can no longer transport adequate amounts of water and nutrients to the skin. With the loss of collagen there can be other complications, such as decreased lymph function and joint pain.
While consuming gelatin is definitely part of the solution, Peggy covers the other steps that can be taken to support strong, resilient connective tissue. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants not just to look good, but to feel amazing, too!

Check it out here


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