35+ Natural Christmas Gift Ideas

35+ DIY Natural Christmas Gift Ideas

35 DIY Natural and Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas 35+ DIY Natural Christmas Gift Ideas
This Christmas, we’ve decided to keep things simple, natural and sustainable with homemade, natural and DIY gifts (and a few select wooden toys for the kids so they can last for generations).
There are so many great options for DIY homemade gifts, and I hope that others will consider joining me in gift giving this way…
Below are a few of my favorite homemade gift ideas and some suggestions for some simple gift baskets.

DIY Beauty Gift Ideas:

Natural Baby Care Recipes (baby powder, diaper cream, lotion, etc)
Lotion Bars Recipe (all natural, easy to make and amazing for skin!)
Whipped Body Butter Recipe (like Velvet on the skin)

Health Related Gift Ideas:

Homemade Magnesium Oil (great for improving sleep, energy, hormones and more)
Herbal Tea Blends (delicious and health boosting)
Healing Clays (for masks, internal and more)
Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe (helps sensitive teeth)
Homemade Healing Salve (like Neosporin ™ but natural)
Or, if you are really motivated, you could put together an entire Herbal First Aid and Natural Remedy Kit.

Edible Gift Ideas:


DIY Fleece backed T-Shirt Quilt (one of my husbands favorite gifts I’ve ever given him)
Homemade Buckwheat Pillow or Eye Mast- Just sew a simple rectangle of whatever fabric you’d like filled with some organic buckwheat hulls makes a natural pillow that doesn’t hold body heat and that keeps its shape! You can also add herbs likelavender flowers, yarrow, mintchamomile and catnip for the gentle scent of herbs to help improve sleep.

Gift Basket Ideas:

Herbal Teas Basket: An assortment of homemade herbal tea blends with a natural cast iron tea pot and some tea cups.
 Natural Baby Basket: Some or all of these Natural Baby Care Recipes
Mom-to-be or New Mom Basket: This Luxurious Lotion Recipe to help prevent stretch marks, Homemade Magnesium Oil to help with nausea and after pains, Healing Clays for use as a skin mask to prevent the “mask of pregnancy” or itchy skin, Raspberry Leaf Tea to tone the uterus, Homemade Healing Salve for perineum healing post baby, DIY Remineralizing Toothpaste to keep her teeth strong during pregnancy, and of course, some Healthy Delicious Chocolate.
Do you make any homemade gifts? Any ideas to add to the list? Share 


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