MY REVIEW: Adoratherapy Mood Boost and Pledge(You will love it)

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MY REVIEW:I was given a sample(full size) of the Adoratherapy Mood Boost and instantly loved it!! The fragrance made me happy just to smell it. Plus it has the same notes that I love to wear in my fragrances!! It is sweet and spicy.Gave me a aphrodisiac feeling yet very balancing. Is that not meant to be or what? I truly use this after I stepped out of the shower and during the day for a pick me up. Such a soothing but pick me up fragrance. My love for aromatherapy is what I do for optimum health. I use essential oil in my bath,skincare and medicinal uses.But the right blend of Mood Boost is just amazing. I feel this is a revoltionary product and I will purchase again and venture to try the others they have in the line. Go over to IndieGoGo and pledge!!Trust me you will love!!For more information read on!!My sample was given by a great site for product reviews,giveaways all the beauty information you need for up to date skincare and makeup!Thank you Ron!!


Opus Gaia is an innovative Aromatherapy formulator launching a progressive new ecommerce destination and brand platform under the name ADORAtherapy Mood Boost™. Currently the company is successful formulating, packaging, distributing and selling at retail products under theOpus Gaia brand. With current sales and growing Health & Wellness brand recognition at retail in chains such as Whole Foods, we are rebranding our product line and establishing our own online shopping destination at

Adora Winquist, our CEO, Founder and Chief Formulator, has pioneered the combination of Aromatherapy and Energetic Healing. She has been in practice as an Energy Healer and Aromatherapist for over 15 years. Her training encompasses studies in Vibrational Medicines, including Reiki, Gem and Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, and essential oils. She is a graduate of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a specialized four-year college for the study of vibrational healing via the human energy field with a focus on psychodynamics. Her essential oils studies led her to Rutgers University, where she completed the International Advanced Studies Training Program in Essential Oils. She has travel-studied extensively through India and Egypt.

We have identified an opportunity to bring our products to the Fashion, Beauty and Fragrance market and address the growing trend for natural products that focus on organic components. With a packaging and branding approach typically seen in the cosmetics market our “Mood Boost™” are the answer to the “Quick Fix” that women and men seek from energy drinks, beauty products, coffee and chocolate.
A successful Indiegogo campaign will support the launch of our five innovative Mood Boost™collections, which include:

  • Chakra Boost™
  • Good Mood Boost™
  • Stress-Free Boost™
  • Passion Boost™
  • Gal on the Go Mood Boost™

After spending 15 years as an Aromatherapist and Health Coach, I have witnessed the powerful effect that Aromatherapy and natural botanicals can have on our mood, and how that mood affects our lives, our motivations, successes and our ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. The highly influential sense of smell triggers potent feelings that can have a positive effect on the way you behave and in turn how you think and feel and therefore how you interact with all facets of your life, family and friends, colleagues, community and the world around you. I want everyone to have the opportunity for to experience this way of life and to be able to access positive feelings and great energy anytime, anywhere. 

We have developed new packaging for all of our products: simple, clean, classic and tasteful. We designed a new Mood Boost™ category, “Gals On The Go™” which we are very excited about and launching on Indiegogo. These new scents include beautifully illustrated boxes with young women representing the most important moods a Gal needs to adore herself: Beautiful, Seductive, Balanced, Smart, Inspired, Awake and Peaceful.  Seven Scents with seven key messages that address a woman’s desire to affect her daily, changing moods in a natural and healthy way.

The money we raise will go toward the production of our products. We have already created the formulations and the packaging—we just need to produce it!
We are experienced entrepreneurs and passionate individuals. We want to build a Beauty Business that can grow, create jobs and allow the expression of something game changing. When an Indie Beauty Brand takes off it can become big business. This one has a cause- we want you to “Adore Yourself™”!
We intend to ship to our pledges within 45 days from our campaign close date. But it could be much sooner. So bring us home at Thanksgiving to keep the family stress free or think ahead and fill your Holiday Shopping List with the MOST EXCLUSIVE Fragrance product of the season.
We consider you an integral part of our launch success and want you to be a part of the brand’s success and celebration. And we know…you’ll love the Mood Boost™ as much as we do.


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