Zuzka's 10 Minute Power Strength Workout-ZCUT

Total-Body Burner: Zuzka Light’s 10-Minute Power Strength Workout Video

Burn fat and build muscle with these exclusive exercises from Zuzka Light’s ZCUT Power Strength!

Zuzka Light's 10-Minute Power Strength Workout

Watch The Video - 14:36

Included in this workout are some of my favorite and most effective exercises from my new ZCUT Power Strength DVD series. The workout is only 10 minutes long, so never stop moving! If this is your first time doing this workout, try to keep up with me. If you're up for a challenge, try to finish more reps than I did! Either way, aim to push harder each time you repeat this workout.
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Competition Burpees w/ Alternating Pistol Squats /// (10 total reps)

Directions and Tips:
  • This exercise combines two moves to give you a cardio boost and strengthen your lower body and core.
  • When it comes to burpees, speed matters. Be fast! Get down into plank, lower your chest to the ground, get right back up, and jump.
  • With the pistol squat, it helps to tense your muscles and focus all of your energy into your standing leg. Try not to lean to either side, and avoid the urge to hesitate at the bottom of the squat. It makes it harder to get back up.
  • Alternate legs with each pistol squat. You'll do five squats per leg each round, along with 10 burpees. Trust me, that'll be enough!
  • If you are unable to do the pistol squats, hold on to a band, bar, or use the wall for extra stability.

Dive Bomber Push-ups /// (10 reps)

Directions and Tips:
  • Dive bombers challenge your upper body by targeting different muscles in your arms, back, and shoulders.
  • Start in a downward-facing dog position, and aim for one fluid movement. Lower your face, then chest, and then stomach to just a couple inches off of the ground. Extend your upper body into a position that resembles upward-facing dog.

Weighted Step-ups w/ Jump Squat /// (10 reps each leg)

Directions and Tips:
  • Grab a sturdy chair and a set of dumbbells to target your lower body with this exercise that works the hams and glutes.
  • Remember to keep your chest up and back straight as you step up on the chair, keeping the power coming from your quads and glutes.
  • Unlike the pistol squats earlier, you're going to do 10 reps of step-ups with one leg and then repeat it with the other. That's 20 total reps each round.
  • For the jump squat, drop your hips below your knees before you shoot up. Make sure your feet leave the ground. Land softly, and bend your knees to absorb the impact.

Lunge Press w/ Knee-Up /// (4 reps each side)

Directions and Tips:
  • This one-two combo builds strength in both your upper and lower body while testing your balance and coordination.
  • Grab a dumbbell and step back into a lunge position. Bring the weight to your shoulder. Lower it down and then push the weight back up towards the sky. Repeat the lunge press three times. Complete the combo by bringing your back knee to your chest for a knee-up movement. All of that together is one rep. I told you this was tough!
  • Concentrate on maintaining your balance throughout the exercise. It won't be easy!


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