Magical Beet Apple Juice Recipe

Magical Beet Apple Juice Recipe
This recipe makes enough for one good size glass.

2 Beet Roots (but leave out the tops on this one)
4 Apples, any variety but red works great (I like gala)

Note:  A knob of ginger works great in this recipe, if you happen to be a ginger fan!
Wash the beets and apples.  

Core the apples and cut the beets so that they can fit into the juicer perfectly.

Juice both the apples and beets as usual.

It is SO pretty....I just love this rich red color.

Here's the finished product....

If you haven't made this combo yet, it's a must try.  Its sweet and loaded with the best nutrients for your body.  

I call it "magical" because there's just something special about it.  The color, the's a personal favorite.

Have a juicy day!


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