9 Everyday AB Exercises To Develop Core Strength

9 Everyday Ab Exercises To Develop Core Strength
You don’t need to spend hours, or even minutes, at the gym doing ab workouts to get a six-pack. You’d be surprised by how often you can tone your six-pack in everyday life. If you use the following core strength tips to pay close attention to how you move throughout the day, you'll see amazing changes in your abs. Below is a list of simple tips that will help you tone your core:
1. Stand evenly on two feet. 
How you bear your body weight is critical to attaining flat abs. Poor, imbalanced posture will inevitably get the best of your six-pack.
2. Fight post-meal food comas. 
When you finish eating, battle your core’s desire to lapse into an inactive food coma. Instead, lift your navel towards your chin and pull it towards your spine.
3. Sit cross-legged.
When you’re at work, eating a meal, or watching a movie, try to sit in a cross-legged position. This will allow you to sit tall while avoiding loose ab syndrome. You’re either in the dark or your legs are hidden under a table, so forget about feeling strange (no need to feel strange about taking care of yourself). Often, I even take off my shoes to be most comfortable.
4. Use your core while doing heavy lifting.
When you’re picking up your kids, pets, boxes, or lifting work-related heavy loads, use your core strength for power rather than that of your legs or back.
5. Walk with confidence and pride as though the surface below you is unstable.
You'll immediately grow taller and slimmer as the crown of your head rises and your gait becomes lighter.
6. When you’re cooking, suck your abs away from the counter.
7. Watch TV at home lying down rather than seated. 
It’s better to stretch out in a supine position, allowing gravity to press your abs directly down toward your body, than to let your six-pack disengage and slump while seated.
8. Strongly engage your abs during sex
Sex with core strength is a great ab workout and also a fabulous pleasure booster.
9. If you teach yoga or fitness, make sure to use your core when you assist your students. 
Not only will your abs get stronger but you will also protect your body form injury.

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