Yoga and your Senses

Yoga: The Natural Aphrodisiac

Yogis and yoginis tend to be some of the most tuned in and turned on people around. Yoga stimulates a connection to one's body and when we are fully aware of our body, soul and minds, we realize quickly that we are sexual beings. The key to tapping into this aphrodisiac quality has everything to do with how you show up to your practice. You simply need to cultivate a calm mind and in turn an inner awareness. Not only is yoga a natural aphrodisiac, but also an amazing body-beautifying form of exercise. When you're finished reading this article, the question that will rise to the top of your mind is, "Why in the world have I not been practicing yoga?"

Yoga does an amazing job at quieting the incessant chatter that takes place in your brain every moment you aren't asleep. This chatter not only disconnects you from your partner, but also the outer world and yourself. When your mind quiets, it allows you to open to the natural, sensual you living under the surface of stress and chaos.

Yoga teachers lead you down a path of clarity and peace through Pranayama, also known as controlled deep breathing practices. The Ujjayi breath is a common breath used throughout the seated meditation as well as the active movement practice of yoga. Ujjayi is Sanskrit for "Victory." Simply put, it gives you "VICTORY" over your mind. It is characterized by a deep inhale through the nose in which the belly expands outward and deep exhales through the nose in which the belly sinks inward. An "ocean sound" is created by narrowing the throat passage which allows the breath to brush against the back of the throat. Ujjayi is a balancing and calming breath, which increases oxygenation, promotes clarity of thought and builds internal body heat.

Once you have a clear mind, you are able to realize what it feels like to be in your own body and thus more aware of the sensual you. Martin Portner, Neurologist and author of "The Orgasmic Mind", explains quite clearly why this is so. He explains that the part of the brain that needs to quiet down and even turn off completely is the amygdala, the part of the brain that is responsible for our flight or fight responses to life and is often vigilant and fearful. Women in particular are unable to reach an orgasm if this part of their brain is active. You also are less likely to be in touch with sensual input and are likely faking sensual output. Once you quiet or put this part of your brain to sleep the real sensual being wakes up. Yoga is often coined a "moving meditation," pairing movement and breath in a way that quiets the amygdala and is the explanation of that calm, blissful feeling you have at the end of class.

Yoga has turned a boring old 5-minute walk to the grocery store into a tantalizing seductive game between my outer world and my senses. I get turned on by the sun kissing my shoulders and the wind playing with my hair. I am seriously ready to jump into the sack by the time I get home. If yoga can clear your mind enough to get turned on by a bird chirping, can you imagine what it does when you have a tongue running up your spine?

Drink a bottle of wine and, yes, that part of your brain shuts down too, but you aren't likely to even remember if you had a good time. Yoga quiets that part of your mind and allows your natural sexual self to rise up. It also brings clarity so you aren't only feeling amazing, you are actually feeling naturally sensual. Your environment can sense this sensuality on you and then responds in kind. It's a beautiful dance and a natural aphrodisiac simply by starting your morning all tangled up or spread open on a mat. If you're looking to spice up your sex life or just feel more alive and sensual, then yoga is the thing for you.
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