Avocado Oil and Its Benefits

Health and Beauty Benefits of Avocado Oil

People around the world even today debate about the popularity or disapproval of the avocado. A fruit designed to either make you fall in love with it, or make you discredit it more than any other you would consume, it has earned itself a mixed reputation for the most part. However the oil that is extracted by pressing the fruit has been able to find large amount of acceptance around the world. Similar to olive oil, and unlike many oils, avocado oil is not derived from any seeds. It is pressed and extracted from the pulp of the fruit itself.
It is now being widely used in cooking and consumption in place of olive oil or the two are used together. However it is used for cold edibles in particular because it smokes very easily when heated. It is being preferred over olive oil because the production of olive oil is season to its cultivation, whereas avocado is an all season fruit and thus allows oil extraction all year round.

It has also been introduced in the cosmetic industry as a lubricant to apply, as well as remove make up. It also has rejuvenation and moisturizing properties because of its high nutrient contents which is the reason for its popularity in the industry today. For better understanding let us make a detailed analysis of the advantages of avocado oil and how its introduction into your life can prove to be revolutionary.

· A high level of cholesterol in the blood has been held as the major cause of heart disease and problems. It this that made the media call Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol “bad” cholesterol. This is been the main cause for coronary blockage which leads to cardiac failure or cardiac arrest. It has now been established that a diet which is high in avocado oil can supply the body with the required nutrients to counter the effects of LDL cholesterol. This helps prevent heart disease and keeps the body healthier.

· Avocado oil has now been introduced into the diets of diabetics also to keep up a supply of monounsaturated fats in combination with exercise and fresh fruits in vegetables. It is this collaboration of the oil with other products and activities which help shield patients from the ill effects of the disease.
· The oil is high in Vitamin E content and there has been a direct relationship which was established between the risk of heart disease and natural intake of Vitamin E. it is known to reduce the risks and minimize any kind of damage that the heart would suffer otherwise.

· Another advantage of avocado oil is that it does not oxidize easily like other oils. Other oils are stored in dark bottles to prevent any kind of oxidation and are also package under nitrogen for the same reason. Oxidized oils can be the reason for a number of health defects that people would suffer. Avocado oil is very low on peroxide value and thus it does not oxidize as quickly and as easily as other oils, thus making it safe for consumption for a longer time.

· Avocado oil also restores the condition of blood vessels, making circulation better and also becoming the main reason for reduced risk of cancer, particularly that of the breast, prostate and colon.
· Medicinal use of avocado oil is mainly for burns and injuries to prevent, as well as reduce any kind of scars that the injury would leave behind. It also helps rejuvenate the skin around the wound to help healing, hastening the process and making it less painful at the same time.
· One of the many cosmetic benefits of avocado oils arises from its moisturizing properties. It has been known to provide excellent smoothness to the skins by easily penetrating the pores and giving direct nutrition to the skin.

· It is also used to improve hair quality through direct application. Not only does it provide the necessary nutrients for strength to the roots of the hair, but also assists development and nutrition of the hair. The sterols in the oil act as an effective condition for the hair, leaving them soft, silky and shiny. Avocado oil also has sun screen features which prevent the air from any kind of sun damage they would be exposed to.
· Avocado oil helps nourish the scalp, thus reducing any kind of dandruff or dryness that might be present. It gives best results when mixed with olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil and heated slightly. It also helps encourage the growth of new hair strands, making the hair denser.

· Lastly avocado oil has exceptional benefits for the skin. Since it is easy to penetrate, it is used as a catalyst for a number of creams. But more importantly, its rejuvenation techniques are widely applied in anti-aging in creams to reduce wrinkles and dark spots. It helps tighten the skin again and make it look brighter. Aside from that, being sun proof allows it to repair and prevent sun damage as well.
After seeing the wide range of benefits that avocado oil would bring to your life, it’s highly suggested that you introduce the same into your daily routine to have a healthy and beautiful body, mind and thus soul. Let this oil enrich your life through its characteristics.


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