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IPL Laser – The Safest and Most Affordable Laser Skin Treatment of Today

IPL Laser for Skin Treatment

With today’s technology, there are now also some easy ways on how to get rid of unsightly marks on our skin particularly on our faces and one of the best and popular methods of treating skin problems today is with the use of IPL laser.  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser system is actually a form of skin rejuvenation treatment that is also clinically known as photofacial treatment. Its process does not involve any surgical or pharmaceutical means but only the use of high intensity light with very rapid
pulse rate.IPL Laser

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2007 alone, more than 500,000 women and 60,000 men have undergone IPL treatments in America. The success rate for this number is astounding
or around 80 percent. With its very affordable procedure that can run from $150 to $600 each session, IPL laser therapy is now getting an upper gain over other facial corrective processes.
IPL laser treatment involves the use of xenon flash lamp light technology. This is the mildest form of laser light technology used in skin rejuvenating therapies today. But unlike the use of laser light treatment which produces concentrated light, the IPL laser system only releases filtered high-intensity laser beam that are full of plasma energy so the light does not damage the surrounding tissues but only the target tissues.
If switched to short wave frequencies, the filtered lights of the IPL system go directly to the outer layer of the skin. If long wave light frequency is used, the second layer of the skin is targeted but without affecting the outer skin layer. With the elimination of unwanted cells, new cells will grow and this is how the skin is enhanced and rejuvenated.

Why People Want IPL Lasers for Skin Treatment?

There are significant reasons why people prefer IPL laser treatments more than other forms of skin corrective treatments. First, it is non-evasive. No injections, surgery or chemicals are introduced into the skin. Second, it is safer than the laser method as it does not burn the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). Third, there are almost no side effects but only slight skin irritations and lastly, this is perhaps the most affordable and safest procedure of correcting skin problems.
Specifically, IPL laser can correct varieties of skin problems and these are the following:
•    Sun damaged skin
•    Skin discoloration or hyper-pigmentation due to melanin problems
•    Age spots
•    Birthmarks
•    Scars
•    Stretch marks
•    Acne
•    Unwanted hair follicles
•    Large skin pores
•    Fine facial lines and wrinkles
•    Varicose veins
•    Freckles
•    Other skin problems

Initially, IPL laser technology is based on non-ablative laser treatment and the principle behind it is the use of short light pulses which can prevent overexposure of the skin to strong light. With short but controlled use of wavelengths of laser light, the light can be effective in targeting the first or second layer of the skin.
As you can see, when our skins are exposed to high UV rays for longer period of time, the skin tends to get burn causing us the sun burns. But with the IPL’s pulsating filtered light, the skin will not burn but the strong light will be focused on the target site and there it will make the procedure.

What the IPL Laser Can Do?
You may probably wonder how the IPL laser can be able to heal skin problems that are on the surface or on the second layer of the skin. This is one of the capabilities of the IPL that is also unique. With the control of its light’s wavelength, the laser can target the damaged outer layer of the skin eliminating the dead cells to make new cells grow. For the first layer treatment, IPL is very effective for skin tightening, eliminating spots and birthmarks, leveling out skin discoloration, helping scars to rejuvenate new skin and repairing sun damaged skin.
On the other hand, the IPL’s penetrating healing power can greatly aid in the termination of spider veins, removing embedded skin pigments, destroying unwanted hair follicles, disintegrating dead cells and drying out skin infections caused by acne. So if we scrutinize the scientific aspect on how IPL laser works, the cosmetic laser technology it uses can work on any particular skin problems by just merely adjusting its wavelengths to let it target a certain skin problem. Put it simply, short wavelength is used for the problems on epidermis while long wavelength goes deeper to target cell membranes.

Scientific Facts About the IPL Laser Technology
IPL laser devices do actually use different filters to make them suitable for different types of skin problems. With different filters there are the various intensity settings that can make IPL more versatile than other modern cosmetic tools being used today. Some people get worried that laser light when used on the face can be very dangerous to the eye but not with the IPL light. As we have said, the pulse light of the IPL laser is unlike the concentrated light of the ordinary laser beam. The IPL laser light is actually spread out in many directions so the light that you can see flashing cannot be able to blind the eye. Besides, once you lie on the table for treatment, protective goggles will be provided. The doctors or personnel are also properly trained to follow standard safety procedures. Even those who conduct the IPL procedures are obliged to wear their safety goggles regardless of the wavelength to be used.

Any Side Effects?
Basically, even doctors claim that the IPL laser technology is now considered the safest in the field of laser treatment.  So eventually, it does not have dangerous side effects but probably skin irritation, redness or stinging sensation right after the treatment but this is not common.
However, those who have undergone IPL laser treatment must also practice certain precautions and that is not to expose the treated part with the UV rays until the skin is completely healed. Especially if the skin is undergoing the natural process of healing, UV rays must be avoided because the cells that initiate the healing can be damaged. If it cannot be avoided, sunscreen protection with strong SPF must be applied prior to going out under the sun.

So instead of utilizing Botox to eliminate facial wrinkles, have your face lifted through surgery or employing laser treatment, none of these can beat the benefits of IPL lasers. It’s definitely painless with sure results, almost no side effects and very affordable you can surely get your money’s worth with it.  Using IPL Laser technology is definitely worth a look.


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