Add Maca To Your Smoothie

Meet Your Maca

21 · Kitchen
Oysters, strawberries, chocolate and... maca? Yep, add this superfood to your list of aphrodisiacs. Maca's a root plant traditionally used for medicinal purposes to enhance stamina, endurance and sex drive, and it's showing up on health food store shelves all over the place. The so-called superfood (available as a pill, liquid or powder) has a strong nutritional profile of vitamins and nutrients that support brain function and regulate hormones. More of maca’s exciting benefits?
Get it on: Some studies show that maca may increase sexual desire and may actually increase fertility in men.
Energize for your workout: Those who use maca regularly swear by its ability to increase stamina and endurance and build muscle mass.
Boost your mood: In menopausal women, maca has been shown to to reduce depression and increase sexual function.


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