Healthy Hair Care

Healthy Hair Tips for the Summer

As we prepare our skin and tone our tummies for the summer months, we must also remember that our hair could use some special treatment as well. Being exposed to the sun and possibly chemicals such as chlorine has damaging effects on our hair.

David Angelo Salon has provided us with these excellent summer healthy hair care tips that will have our locks looking lovely all season long!

Healthy Hair Tips for the Summer

1) Maintenance is key. Regular salon visits, preferably between 6 – 8 weeks, are necessary to trim your locks. Aside from a cut, also consider a mask or a conditioning treatment to lock in moisture and nutrients.

2) Investing on great products will keep your in tip top shape. For those with long hair, using a great detangling spray, before taking a shower will prevent hair breakage.

3) Minimize exposure to hot tools. This also applies to sun exposure. Either wear a hat, or use a leave in conditioner with sun protection to reduce impact of the sun’s harmful rays.

4) Women with long hair will benefit from using a mixed boar and nylon brush, The boar bristle naturally conditions hair while the nylon smoothens hair, making it the perfect detangling companion

5) Lastly, drinking lots of water and a having a healthy diet can give your hair the nourishment it need.


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