Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum

Product Description
Enter princereigns, an extraordinary shaving serum that has developed a cult following among thousands of men, women and models throughout the world. There's a good reason: devotees are amazed by the gel's miraculous ability to quickly remove dark spots and soften and straighten curly hair thereby removing ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Princereigns removes blemishes quickly without clogging pores and clears acne, leaving skin smooth and blemish free.

Princereigns combines only all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, lavender, vitamin E and citrus oils to create a nutrient-rich blend.

Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum is a thoroughly original approach to ingrown hair and razor bump removal. Ingrown hairs are coarse and curly stubborn hairs that burrow under the skin. Princereigns serum softens and straightens the hair follicle, thereby preventing future ingrown hairs and bumps leaving the user with a smooth and flawless skin tone.


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