MY REVIEW: Eye Contour Cream with Sea Buckthorn

Eye Contour Cream with Sea Buckthorn - RHAMNIA bynata - Normal to Dry Skin - 15 ml - Natural Skincare from Bulgaria

One of the main reasons we use eye contour cream is to reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, or to prevent the skin from their appearance.

The area around the eyes is the first place on which time leaves its traces, as the structure of the tissue there is specific and vulnerable. The skin is thinner and drier.
Our emotions that most often are expressed with mimic, leave their mark precisely on this delicate area.
Eye cream RHAMNIA bynata supplies the area with precious moisture, successfully restores lipids, smoothes pleating and makes a great deal with wrinkles.
It gently protects the eye contour, while combating dark circles and puffiness around eyes.
This happens due to the cream's active ingredients.
Sea buckthorn oil extract (which is an extremely good hydrating agent, a magical and powerful antioxidant and a skin protector) , alpha-bisabolol, vitamins A, E and D-panthenol, hyaluronic acid and caffeine.

With each application of RHAMNIA bynata, you will notice that the area around your eyes is:
• humidified 
• calm 
• smooth 
•not too greasy
and this is because the skin is:
• well hydrated 
• well protected from harmful environmental influences 
• nourished and prepared for self-healing
therefore it is:
• younger 
• without puffiness 
• no dark circles under eyes
Here comes one of the most important ingredients - love of life.
The laugh-wrinkles transform into eye glow, which eliminates wrinkles.
But you know that, don't you?


First of all let me tell you the packaging was very pretty. In a bow wrapped box. Just like the picture. Dainty. I am not even about the packaging. Companies spend hundreds of thousands on packaging. But this does not sell me at all. I want a great product that works amazing. But this was cute and I like the plastic tub of cream is small and not fancy at all. What I love is the ingredient Buckthorn. I just posted about this ingredient a week or so ago. The benefits are amazing.  I love a great eye cream. And this is now one of my favorite eye creams. I use it night and day as my last step before my primer. Here is a little snippet from my blog post:

High in the Himalayan desert regions of India and Tibet, sea buckthorn, a thorny shrub dense with bright and bitter orange berries, grows wild like a weed. Scrappy and hard to harvest, sea buckthorn is the new “it” plant, the latest superfruit and age-defying elixir that also happens to come from the land of Shangri-La.
Under the radar until recently, the oil extracted from the luscious little berry is not only found in supplements, it’s cropping up in soaps and shampoos, moisturizers, serums, face and body oils, too. “Sea buckthorn helps with dryness, aging, and sun damage, “It’s kind of a miracle plant.”


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