Bronde: This Summer’s Hot Hair Color

Yesterday, Blake Lively introduced a new hair color term to the masses: bronde. A flattering hybrid of light and dark, bronde is a complexion-brightening blonde color with a brown base, elegantly transitioning from dark to light; think ombré without the obvious contrast and highlights without the crazy upkeep. “It provides possibility for a brunette to be in a lighter color family,” says Fekkai Soho Creative Stylist David Michaud. “Bronde preserves the natural tone with a lightening effect.” Not only does it instantly brighten your face, but it adds that beach bum care-free look we’re all striving for this season. Just look to Jennifer LopezGisele and now Blake Lively, currently sporting an even darker shade, for your bronde inspiration.
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While traditional blonde usually calls for light skin and blue eyes, bronde is flattering on those with medium tone skin and darker eyes, says Michaud. Seek a stylist who specializes in hand painting highlights (also known as balayage) to make sure the contrast between the root and the ends is subtle and doesn’t veer into ombré territory. Jessica Alba is basically the queen of bronde; whether her hair is worn long or short, her bronde is always on point.
jessica alba bronde
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
The other perk? It’s not as demanding as full-on blonde. “It requires less maintenance because with this coloring, you don’t work close to the roots.” Letting your natural color grow in at the roots is part of the look…and appeal. Clients can come in for touchups as early as three months and as late as six, says Michaud.
However, don’t waiter longer than six. “As it’s not completely bleached out, the color will oxidize if you wait longer to come back,” he says. Not only does Michaud recommend coming in regularly for glosses and deep conditions (once a month for either is more than enough), but he stands by at-home maintenance too. “Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo ($20)Conditioner ($20) and Luxe Color Masque ($25) helps maintain the color and infuses hair with a luxurious formula of antioxidants.” One of our favorites is Davines Minu Hair Serum ($23.50) as a weekly leave-in treatment to protect against UV rays and boost shine.
Bottom line: bronde gives you natural color without the hassle; it’s a great way to go lighter, but not look overprocessed. And really, isn’t that what we really want?

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