Help A Member of the Tomoson Family

They need all the help they can get!! I could not review the products I do if it was not for Tessa and her team. 

Tessa's Husband
Tessa is the Review Team manager at Tomoson.  All promotions seen on Tomoson have been reviewed and approved by Tessa and her team.

Recently, Tessa’s husband was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5.  The doctors recommend a transplant before the year ends. Estimated cost of transplant is approximately $25,000.  As Tessa and her family live in the Philippines, there is no health insurance coverage for this transplant and money needs to be in hand before medical service is provided.

Here is how Tessa describes her husband and family:

My husband is a Software Developer. He is a father of 3 beautiful kids. The eldest is an inquisitive 4-yr old old who talks non-stop and is a great big sister to her 2 siblings. The 2nd child is a girly 2-yr old who loves anything yellow and pink and loves to follow her elder sister around. The youngest is a 5-month old baby boy who, according to his big sisters, is the cutest thing ever.

My husband is a great dad to our kids. He’s in charge of taking care of our kids when I’m busy with work or when I’m already sleepy since I sleep during the day and work at night. As parents, we always make time for our kids despite our busy schedule. We love weekends since we get to spend most of our time with our family.

My husband loves soccer and gets to play with his team every Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But since the diagnosis, he has not been able to play again.

As a valued member of the Tomoson family, we would like to help her family reach their goal of providing this life saving kidney transplant before the end of 2015. We are knocking on your kind hearts. We would appreciate any amount you can donate to support Tessa and her family.  

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