Day #19- Real Time 30 Day Challenge-Cardio Day

Hi BodyRockers,
Day 19  is finally upon us …. week 4 is just around the corner …
Today we are all about slow fat-burning cardio.
We have battered our muscles for 4 days straight … so get this in to complement this 30 Day Program.
If you only have the road – NO EXCUSES .. get your trainers on and your music pumping and get running !!

Workout Breakdown:
Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 40 Minutes.
Then ……
You are going to get dressed, put on your trainers & run !! Yes thats right … It’s cardio day !!
Now some of you may find 40 mins a long time to run, not to worry I want you to walk and run until the BEEP goes …. Show me those Timers & show me that cardio burn.
In every workout, we need a cardio component & this is no different. Get those Trainers on & Get Running !!!
ps, I would film me running to but I think that would just be weird lol


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