Bodyrock Intermediate Bootcamp: Day 1

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Day 1:


Just getting off the sofa and choosing to take part is an accomplishment in itself. You have made a conscious decision to change your lifestyle and join a community who together support, motivate, and drive each other every single day. That’s why we BodyRock – its not just a workout, it’s a support network of people who workout out together & create lifetime friendships along the way. Just think of us as the worlds biggest gym class :D. It’s amazing to think that wherever you are in the world, there is probably someone out there working out with you. Never lose the passion to just TRY …. as long as you try and give it your best, you will never be disappointed with anything you do. If there are things you still have to accomplish, don’t worry, those targets are well within your reach, over time you will improve and grow and see changes, just give it time, keeping rocking it with us and you will accomplish your goals.

Step 1: Do your Warm-Up (No password? Get access here)
Step 2: Do the Workout Below

~Mt. Climbs
~Touch Down Squats

Step 3: Do Today’s Burnout (No password? Get access here)

Step 3: Do The Cool Down Stretch (No password? Get access here)

Step 4: Mark down all your scores in your Workout Journal. (No Journal? Get access here)

Step 5: Come and give us a HIGH FIVE on Facebook!


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