Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge Day 9: HOT ABS

Make Fat Cry Challenge

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for 0:30, taking minimal rest as needed
1- Plank Hold
- stack your hands just below your elbows and shoulders - your body is in a straight line, hold a flat back (no arching) - do this on your hands or forearms - toes or knees
2 & 3 - Standing Knee Drivers (left and right, 0:30 each)
- begin in a semi lunge stance with one leg behind you, weight evenly distributed in the front foot. Raise arms overhead and with force, drive your back knee up to meet your hands - act like you're trying to crush something with your knee - slow it down or hold on to a wall for help with balance
4- Walking Plank
- begin in a plank position, using the same good form from move 1, - walk your forearms down to a forearm plank, keeping that strong core alignment and really being mindful of your hand/shoulder line - press back into a forearm plank, alternating one hand at a time - do 2 going one direction, then 2 in the other direction
5- Hollow Hold
- lie on your back with your arms extended, biceps by your ears, and legs extended out straight - keeping your lower back pressed down into the ground, lift your legs slightly and keep your arms straight and strong - hold this position - for a break, drop your feet down and hold your hands by your ears, just lifting your upper body.
6 & 7 - Side Plank Reach Thrus (left then right 0:30 each side)
- come into a tall side plank (or elbow side plank), stacking your hand below your shoulder and keeping your body in a straight, strong line from shoulder to feet. drop your bottom knee down if you need a little modification - reach your top arm up and then reach it through between your body and your mat - keep your core tight and don't let your hips roll forward or backward
8 - Cross Cross Squat
- position your feet about hip distance apart or slightly wider, bring your hands up behind your head using a gentle contacting pressure, not pulling your head. Squat back and down, keeping your chest lifting and your glutes engaged as you come up, knees tracking in line with toes - as you come up drive your left knee to your right elbow, then your right knee to your left elbow. Repeat the squat and continue.
9- Superman Hold

- lie on your stomach with your arms and legs extended - lift up, engaging your lower back. you can take out the double lift and just lift with your hands or feet to make it a little less intense. to increase the challenge, bring your feet in close together.


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